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Yuko Higa / 比嘉裕子(ひが・ゆうこ)

Perhaps it was all the cameras around her father’s neck, as he held her closely his arms for a family portrait in her first year of life that subconsciously influenced Yuko Higa to follow the path of photography. Her father’s passion for photographing his family was passed on to Yuko who also has developed a special sensibility for documenting “family”.

Surrounded by the grace and beauty of the Japanese landscape and its people in her early years ingrained a visual sensitivity in Yuko that has accompanied her throughout her life. Her family moved to Italy from Tokyo during her formative teenage years, exposing Yuko to the wealth of art thus inspiring her in multiple ways.

While attending a university in Tokyo, Yuko earned a master instructor title in Hosokawa School of Bonseki (an ancient Japanese art of creating miniature landscapes on black lacquer trays using white sand, pebbles, and small rocks.)

Upon receiving a bachelor’s degree and after a brief professional career as a banker at Citibank, she studied art and photography at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

Moving to New York City allowed Yuko to study and receive an MFA in Art Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology while she worked in a private gallery and as a buyer of fine arts for a Japanese auction house. During her time on the east coast, she was also responsible for helping to establish the Japonism Gallery at the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University where she later worked as an Assistant Director and contributed to publication of “Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970” (Abram/Rutgers). A move to Washington, D.C. started another phase in Yuko’s varied life as she concentrated on raising her two young children.

Throughout these years however, photography was always part of Yuko’s life. She took joy in photographing her family and friends as well as working freelance stints as a portrait and events photographer.

Now living in Vienna, Austria with her husband and two daughters, Yuko renewed her focus on photography and has decided to concentrate on portraiture. She specialises in creating meaningful portraits in the subject’s own environment. Whether it is individual, family, group or event photos, Yuko’s eye and sensitivity bring the personality and individuality of her subjects to the forefront of the picture.

Be it an awards ceremony, party or a convention, Yuko has experience in capturing and recording such important moments. She gladly accepts assignments for event photography.

Yuko enthusiastically supports students of performing arts living in Vienna by offering special rates for their profile portraits.

Available for appointment in Vienna and Tokyo and worldwide by request.

東京生まれ。 父の転勤に伴い、イタリアのミラノで少女時代を過ごす。


1987年、結婚を機に渡米。ボストン美術館付属美術大学(School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)にて美術・写真を学ぶ。

1989年、ニューヨークに移り、画廊に勤務の後、オークションハウスのアートのバイヤーとして活動。仕事の傍らニューヨーク州立ファッション工科大学(F.I.T)にて美術管理学修士号を取得。ニュージャージー州立ラトガース大学ジマーリ美術館に就職。リサーチャーを皮切りに、アシスタント・ディレクターとして同館ジャポニズムギャラリー設立と「Asian Traditions / Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970」(Abram/Rutgers)の出版に携わる。












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